Latest high level broadside on inequality

In May this year, OECD launched a new flagship report on inequality In It Together: Why Less Inequality Benefits All  which mainly highlights the key areas where inequalities are created and where new policies are required.  Launching of  this report was an important landmark in the development of the inequality debate closely monitored by Oxfam and other entities.

In this article, Daria captures a  summary of the main arguments presented in this overall report drawing attention to the one chapter in this report that analyses income inequality and redistribution policies in seven emerging economies (Brazil,Indonesia, South Africa and Mexico among them)

The article further summarizes how the new report has establish links between Inequality, economic growth, and poverty. In addition the writer also  notes how this new report explains the  interrelation of  the different types of horizontal inequality (like ethnic, racial, etc.) and how they affect current trends of vertical economic inequality.

To Read Daria´s full article kindly access HERE

Blog post by  Daria Ukhova | Oxfam Inequality Researcher

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