Civil Society Networks at BRICS 2015

On June 29th – July 1st Moscow hosted the first official Civil BRICS forum in history. This remarkable event took place at the President Hotel accommodating almost 400 members of civil society throughout three days. Over 20 representatives from partner organisations of the “Empowering Civil Society Organisations’ Networks in an Unequal Multi-Polar World” (ECSN) from across Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa took part in the Forum, as well as from Oxfam’s Russian office, and many were speakers in multiple panels at the Sustainable Development, Economics and Trade, Healthcare and Peace and Security working groups.

We are proud to report the breakthrough advocacy achievements as the result of its work:

  1. Thanks to the remarkable efforts of our team and partners in the Healthcare working group, we managed to include into the final appeal to the BRICS’ countries leaders the recomm
    endations on securing and expanding access to safe and affordable medicines by insuring the full use of flexibilities under TRIPS (the WTO agreement on Trade Realted Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights).
  2. The Sustainable Development working group, co-chaired by Victoria Stetsko of Oxfam’s Moscow office, representing Global Call to Action against Poverty (GCAP) Russia ensured the inclusion of a number of important points on Inequality, New Development Bank, Energy Effeciency and Food Justice. It also headlined the poverty tackling and gender inequality elimination on the agenda.


On July 3rd  Oxfam in the Russian Federation in partnership with the Institute of Globalization and Social Movements hosted the Post-Civil BRICS meeting  on the role of the Civil Society in BRICS countries. It brought  together the representatives of the Civil Society Organisations from five countries.

BRICSSThe open engaging dialogue was maintained with the assistance of the Economic Justice Network  and the South African Network on Inequality (SANI) from South Africa, the Vasudha Foundation and the Third World Network from India, REPRIP from Brazil, the Social Research Institute (SRI) and Oxfam Hong Kong from China, the Consortium of Women’s Non-governmental Associations and the Mossovet from Russia.

As a result of the meeting participants agreed to further strengthen cooperation between civil society networks in developing common agenda on various topics relevant for BRICS civil societies such as BRICS Development Bank, inequality and sustainable development and access to public services. It was agreed that the networks under the umbrella of ECSNprogramme will further continue to jointly advocate for a participatory and democratic civil society space in BRICS decision-making process.

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