Civil Society from the Global South calls on G20 leaders to address Unequal Food Systems

Civil society networks from Mexico, Indonesia, China, South Africa and Russia leading the ECSN BRICSAM programme ´s work on inequality and food have presented a position paper to the G20 Development Working Group calling for G20 leaders to build more equitable and sustainable food systems.

This group of CSO networks believes that the G20 needs to address issues related to agriculture, food security and climate change, in order to help build improved food security and nutrition as a driver of economic growth and to reduce inequality.

The paper calls on G20 leaders to promote inclusive development by reducing inequality – particularly economic inequality in rural areas, inequality between rural and urban areas, gender inequality in terms of access to land, credit and financing for women farmers, and also inequality in access to nutritious food. The paper draws attention to the fact in many of the G20 nations large proportions of the population still go hungry, whilst at the same time increasing numbers of people are obese.

The full position paper can be read at the following link Final Position Paper Food Systems G20 2014


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