In recent years the world has changed rapidly, with the rise of the emerging powers, in particular the BRICSAM countries ‐ Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, China, South Africa and Mexico. The ability of these countries to help deliver, influence or block on issues of global importance, such as poverty, inequality and climate change is increasing. Recognizing the value of strengthening linkages across BRICSAM countries to amplify their voice and influence on the world stage, Oxfam is implementing a three‐year program to empower seven multi‐thematic civil society organizations (CSO) from these middle‐income countries to take a leadership role in defining global policy agendas.

Supported by the European Commission, the “Empowering Civil Society Networks in an Unequal MultiPolar World” (ECSN‐BRICSAM) program aims to enable CSOs from the South to engage meaningfully in global fora, allowing for the needs of poor and marginalized people that they represent to be taken into account by international institutions and fora.